WHO AM I ? :)

Well hello there 🙂

so little bit of formal description

My name is Antonela, but everyone calls me Neli since i was 7 years old 😀 so feel free to do so too… I’m Croatian, born on 24th july of 1992 and people often describe me as very talkative, funny and also some think i curse a lot 😀 (too much)…

I’m in long distance relationship since 2010…. i am typical ENFP (google if u don’t know) …i l love politics, journalism, and i even like sports a lot 🙂 my favorite would be football… and by football i mean FOOTBALL and not that thing they call football in America 😀


U know i swear, usually i write better, but i’m so tired and i just want to get over with this so yeah… 😀



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