Karma is A Bitch in Budapest, Befriend it ;)

( don’t know why but, ms word changed some words and it’s really painful to read, so please ignore it, i’m too lazy to go through the whole test and correct… thank you)

So, instead of writing a normal ‘welcome post’ for my first post on my new blog 🙂 I decided to go straight to business 😉

Summer 2010, August to be more precise… My cheap lazy ass – moa – arriving back to Budapest from Cairo (and just to be clear- I’m from Zagreb, Croatia, but I traveled from Budapest ‘cause it was cheaper :D)…

So I had 2 options 😀

1.) Go to the train station by taxi and pay 20 euros; or

2.) Go by public transportation and pay like 2 euros…

Prompted by experience from 2 weeks ago – when I first took a taxi, I realised in panic I’d be late on plane (which in the endmade me wait for 2 or 3 hours at the airport), so I decided to go with option 2… Now I’m much more experienced and wiser, so why waste 20 euros right? So I got out of the airport – and in that same moment the bus arrives right in front of me – must be a sign, I said to myself… I entered – paid something little to the driver (1 euro I think),and one minute later after i sat was told by a girl I paid too much… I told her I didn’t know how much it cost, plus I had no other coins, so whatever… Still less than 20 euros, right? 🙂 So I talked to her and she took care of me, shows me what train I need to take (she works in Hungary, but was born in Italy)…  I wanted to buy metro ticket, but I didn’t have any coins, so i decided to be a fearless bad ass bitch and take a risk with this one, and everything worked out perfectly… I still had plenty of time… I took some bus and arrived to the train station, so I walk and suddenly I realize – wtf I’m late. I don’t really remember what the fuck happened and why was I late, but it took me a while to find out where is the train station for Zagreb… So I run around in panic, fuck, fuck, where is my train? Only to find out it literally went away like one minute ago… Tired from running with my super heavy luggage, still not aware of what happened, I try to calm down. Maybe this wasn’t my train… Oh God… What am I gonna do, it was 6pm and next train was scheduled for 6 am next morning.. As if all of this wasn’t enough, I was soon to find out that my stupid phone was empty, and no place to charge it in the whole freaking building.

So of course I do what I do best – sit on the bench and cry like a baby… I coudln’t help but to rethink it all the time…Why did i have to go by metro…It must be a karma, i didn’t pay for ticket, and look at me now 😦 … This was going on for a while, until a cute, short guy, with a lot of curly hair (I still remember) approaches me and asks me what’s wrong… I tell him what happened to me, and he felt so sorry, tried to comfort me… Then he asked me what am I going to do… I said I had no idea, that I’ll wait there until the morning, but I was so tired, sad and angry at myself… I  feel like God was punishing me for cheating on the metro or something… So he told me to calm down and asked me if I had any money (in a really nice comforting way, not in “I’m gonna rob you” way lol :D)… So I said I did, and he told me not to stay there ‘cause a lot of fucking pigeons are flying and if I fall asleep I’ll probably wake up with my face white, and gave me advice to go to a hostel, take rest, and go back to station tomorrow … He told me about this really awesome hostel he spent the night at, called Mandala hostel… He paid only 10 euros per night, so I was like *me jewsta* that’s so cheap, I’m gonna go *aw yeah* J… He gave me the numbers and the addresses of many other hostels, but I already decided to go check if there’s any place at this first one… He also told me to seek for taxi away from main station, ‘cause they’ll rip me off, and that I’ll find a taxi much cheaper just few hundred meters away. We talked for like an hour or two until he finally had to go and catch his train… God bless him, he really helped me a lot, and told me some awesome stories too… He gave me his card with his mail in case I ever come to Brazil and want to visit (and fuck fuck fuck stupid me, I lost it 😥 … *guilt on*)  … So after we hugged for goodbye and wished each other luck, I took my heavy luggage and set off from the station and walked for about 20-30 minutes until I finally found a taxi… The driver was an older guy, and he really gave me a good price (which I didn’t know until the guys in hostel told me, but I’ll say more about it later). So he drops me next to the building hostel was in, and I rang the bell… The male voice responds and I say “hello, is there any free bed spaces, my friend sent me here. I missed my last train and really need place to stay over at”… He told me “I don’t think so, but let me check”… So he comes back and says “Oh, one guy is just leaving, so there is a free bed, its 18 euros”… When I heard 18 euros, well usually I’d be just like “Okay, I’ll take it :D”, but you know I spent last 2 weeks in Egypt, and all I did was handling the price all the time, everywhere I went lol… So my impulsive response was “18 euros? But my friend paid only 10.”

He told me “It’s not possible, a bed is 18 euros, who is your friend?” So I tell him it’s the Brazilian guy that spent last night. Short, curly hair”. He did the “Aaah, I remember” and told me he paid only 10 euros ‘cause he slept on the couch, but couch isn’t free anymore… So I was like “Oh okayJ well, I’ll take the bed then”. He explained me where it’s at exactly, and I climbed up the stairs and found it waiting for me in a hallway… (well it was like more balcony area cause it’s that type of old buildings in shape of double O that have like garden and an open roof in the centre) So there is this balcony area where the doors to every apartment were. J When I was walking there, 4 very handsome guys walked past me, and later I found out they were from Brazil… Strange, but there is soooooo many Brazilians – Portuguese in Budapest the entire year… It’s a popular touristic destination on the trip around the Europe, ‘cause it’s in European Union, so they don’t need a separate Visa. (which they would need for Croatia)….


So I entered the hostel, and  the first impression was just aaahmazing. All around me there were like city maps, prospects and everything. When I finished the business with the owner, he showed me around, told me I can use kitchen and everything from fridge if it’s not marked… He pointed out the glass cabinet in which there were many movies you could watch on a hostel TV. There were also some books to read, a computer to use, overall: all you need for a pleasant and a warm staying…


When I saw the common room, with living room and the beds – it was just amazing… Even though it was all connected (all in the same space, there were no walls), I felt I had enough privacy ‘cause the beds were surrounded with little curtains, and it was all very cute, and I was actually overwhelmed. There were Ghandhi quotes on walls, it has that Far East vibe, very pleasant and calm area.



I made myself comfy, went to the store to buy some food ‘cause I was craving some comforting food, I was still in shock ‘cause of all that happened to me, and so exhausted from traveling. I spent like 15-20 dollars on sweets and chips, and ate it all. I mean I offered it around, but no one was in the mood, so screw it lol. The company inside was great… I soon found out there are many people in Budapest ‘cause of some festival that was held there… I feel so bad I lost contact with all the people I met there, and I forgot their names or even where they’re from, but they made me feel so happy I was late for the train to have this amazing experience. There was guy (I think he was from Finland) that was planning to stay in Budapest for a few days, but now it was already 2 months since he checked in and he was still there. There was half Serbian half Hungarian guy with whom I gossiped about others a little in our native language (Croatian and Serbian are both Slavic languages and are therefore very similar). There was a guy who was (if I remember correctly) half Brazilian, half Emirati… He lived in Dubai for a while, had some construction company there, then in 2006 the crisis came, his company had some losses, and he decided to leave it all and became professional poker player. (might I say he was very beautiful, handsome looking, very charming and interesting to talk to, over 30 though, plus I do have a boyfriend that I love really much cough cough). Of course, they wanted to find out more about me so I shared my whole life story with them too, and unlike most people I deal with in my country, they were actually very comforting about it, and gave me some nice words of support. So I was just about to go to sleep, because it was almost midnight, and I had to wake up early to catch the train, when the owner’s girlfriend gave me an awesome idea. She told me “Why are you catching the first train, now you have place to stay, catch the later one”… So I was like “Oh God, you’re a genius”, and decided to catch the 1pm train, which made me enjoy the night and talk to them little bit more… I had a relaxing morning the day after, said goodbye to all of them, and caught the train this time (even though I had a lot of problems with getting to the station ‘cause I bumped into some terrible taxi driver that wanted to take a lot of money from me XD which ended up with him dumping me in the middle of some random street, and me taking a tram without a ticket again :p) ….

So yea, that was about it… The moral of this story is that – even the most crappy situation can turn into a very awesome, interesting and fun experience, so when life gives you lemons just make a lemonade, yeah? Just kidding, I’m not that cliché… Well, just a little bit, maybe…

ps: some informations on Mandala hostel i found online, they’re really awesome


pps: obviously photos r not mine, i found them by googling 🙂

if u came till here it either means 😀

-u didn’t read the post and just scrolled down- shame on you! 😀

-u read the whole thing and u’re really awesome person so spank you very much 🙂


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